Monday, March 30, 2009

OPK and interview (not at the same time)


Well, these things do work. The line is starting to get darker. I had my morning bladder emptying session and remembered right at the end to test. Oppsy. then worked out with lots of water. So line was light when I finally took it. Not sure if this is because of drinking and diluting or if it's just starting to get dark.

Either way, I told hubby we are doing it tonight. Tomorrow he wont be home until late, boy (as in Hubby) has to play, dodge ball. Tonight it is. I want them there swimmers in place in case the line is the darkest tomorrow.

then we can go at it again another day. Oh, I am excited. Yes for the sex AND for finally getting to do something instead of waiting around. You all know how much I love to wait.


Had my second interview at the agency today. I dont think I had to try to blow it. My resume did it for me. I dont know for sure, but I dont think I will get the job. The competitor in me is disappointed, as well as the broke me. But I have no experience working with mentally ill adults, which appeared to be a concern. But by the looks of the weirdo interviewing me the other candidate wasn't so hot either.

So I may or may not get it. Which is good, cause I dont really want the hours. Bad because I really need the money.


  1. Sex is great and having that line on the OPK is even better hehehe

    Sending Baby dust and prayers your way :)