Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just another day...but not...

Just another day in my wait ttc. Auntie should be here this weekend for a visit. Then off to the races. Those babies better swim man. Enough waiting. I hate waiting. Enough already.

Had a job interview today. For the position of clinical crisis intervention. Job looks interesting. Answering 1800 help hot line for the state, routed to our area. I applied for the job, not because I really super duper wanted it, but because I am qualified and there is nothing really in my field.

Unfortunately the down side is the hours suck. When I mean suck. They REALLY suck. 1pm to 11pm. 2-12am, 8p-8am. YUCK. Will be really hard to change my body cycle. I've been a morning person since my son was born. Hard for me to stay up past 8. i do it, but never really having to think about anything. I am getting anxious just thinking about it.

Hubby says it's up to me to take it if offered. I had to call agency back to tell them what I thought about the hours. Then they will get back to me for a second interview if they are interested in me. I am sure I got the job. I can sell myself pretty good. I was wondering how I can sabotage the interview to prevent them from wanting me so as not to screw up my unemployment benefits and without having to say no to a job in this economy. I really hate the hours.

After Hubby told me it was up to me I said, well I dont really care for the hours. When would I see him or bug. Did I mention that there are also weekend hours. UGH. Hubby works 50-60 hrs a week. I woudl be working 40-50. But it's more money then I have ever made. It's hard to turn that down. After telling hubby I wasnt really interested he called me back from work and gave me incentive to take the job. More personal spending money per pay check that wouldnt go into house hold needs.

So right, my choice my ass. So I made the agrement that I would work there until I became pregnant and had the baby. I agreed to that. SO, I hope we become pregnant soon and it wont be a long term thing. Oh ladies, I dont know. What would you do? I need some insight other then hubby.

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  1. oh man, that's a tough one! if it were me, i'd do the same thing, i would take it until another baby came along :) the money couldn't hurt anything, plus the ttc might feel like it's going a little faster?