Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fantasy baseball vs Labor

During my pregnancy with Bug I went into pre-term labor. I ended up in the L&D room during the super bowl when the Pats were playing. (we are from new england) Adam Vinatieri made a game winning FG. Jokingly, I said that if we had the baby we cant name him Adam. As we had already picked out the name Anth.ony, to call him AJ. Hubby thought it was a great idea. We didnt have him that night. Thank God.

The night I went into labor for real was the night of Hubby's Baseball draft. At first I thought it was false labor or a reaction to the popcorn I ate. I watched tv and would randomly, for about three hours would go into the den and tell my husband it hurt and it wasn't stopping. He would continue doing whatever the heck guys do during their drafts, with a absent minded "you doing ok?" Sure I would reply.

By eleven at night the cramps were really getting bad so I decided to take a shower since the doc said if it was false they would go away with a change in body temp. During the shower I had a screaming ouch pain that bent me double. I came out and passed the den to lay down in bed. the den is across the bedroom. The bathroom was diagonally across from the den. I wasnt hiding the fact that I was uncomfortable and something was going on.

Hubby would call from the den to ask if I was doing ok. yeah yeah I would say knowing this was HIS DRAFT and he had been talking about it for weeks. As if I cared. Finally I yelled back. "I think its for real." I had already been in labor once before with AJ, ANTH.ONY not Adam, and knew what it felt like. When I said I thought it was real hubby said, "OH. Good timing, my draft just ended." What did he think, it just started then? On the drive to the hospital he patted my tummy and thanked the baby for waiting until after the draft before coming. I would like to believe that if I started to have the baby at home he would have left his draft to help deliver the baby. LOL


  1. your memory is far different from mine, and from the story we've been telling for 5 years now... you HID the labor from me because you didn't want to interrupt my draft and you knew you'd make it through. You told me after coming into the den and I told you the draft was over.

  2. haha. It's one in the same. I kept telling you I wasnt feeling well. it was after the shower I knew for sure that I was in labor.