Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's the same, but a little different

I've been waiting and waiting for my period. Now that I have it I want it to go away. Since I have been taking the medication my energy has been up, to the point it got me to the gym. Now that I am working out daily. Crazy work outs-- my energy level and moods are even better.

With taking the medication for MTHFR my period has been harsher. I haven't had cramps since my teen years. Only sign of it coming was my monthly break outs. I didnt really break out this time around, but I have been so so so crampy. Uncomfortably so. AND I have been heavier. bleeding, not weight. No as much clotting. I actually have to use reg. tampons instead of jrs. TMI I know, but note worthy. In my IF mind anyway.

I hope this means my chances of conceiving are better. I hope I O from the left this time around.


  1. Glad that your energy and moods are better though :) Sorry about AF being a jerk!

    Come on leftie!! When do you usually O?

  2. Hoping this change in your period means good things for this cycle!

    May I ask what meds are you on for the MTHFR? (I hope this doesn't offend, but I swear I always think of mother f*cker when I see this acronym.) Anyway, I only ask because I am compound heterozygous MTHFR, and I'm on Folgard (folic acid and B vitamins) with baby aspirin, and I want to make sure I am "up to date" with treatment so to speak. :-)

    P.S. Don't worry about the socks...yours are still being shipped from who knows where!

  3. folbee, 81mg of baby aspirin, and prenatal.

  4. So, we had like the same stinking AF this time. Mine lasted for 8 flipping days and, like yours, was a lot heavier than normal.

    Sigh. I am just glad it is over.