Monday, March 23, 2009

AF no show

Day two since Auntie was suppose to visit. Getting anxious. I want it to work this time. I dont think I can go months ttc. I applaud (sp?) those woman who do it for years. I am just not that girl. I can't handle the stress. the disappointment. the constant waiting. I hate waiting. I hate it.

No call from agency about I called them. person doing the interviews has been ill. And last of his interviews are tomorrow. So I should get a call from him on Wed. Again, more waiting.

Bug's birthday party is this coming Sunday. His theme is mario cart. There is only one store (online) that carries mario bro theme. We are already paying an arm and a leg for his party to be at Chuck E cheese. (hubbby didnt want all those kids at the house). So, I decided to do some research and I found a site where this lady went all out for her kid with a mario theme. It was incredible. But I dont have that much patience or want to spend as much time on everything as she did, so i just borrowed a few ideas.

First was the party hat. Mario's hat. made out of poster board. It took me a couple, three hours, but Bug loves them. He wore one all night. the other thing I found were printable coloring pages. So I colored some of the things like mushroom, star, turtle shell, and bomb. I am going to cut them out and glue them onto red gift bags from walmart. walla, mario gift bags. I also found two coloring pages of Mario that I am going to color and put on cardboard to make a center piece. Putting on the red table cloth we bought at the dollar store. Lastly, the cake. the cake lady is making it. A friend of my MIL. She has done all his cakes. She is incredible. Last year was a 3-D Tow Mater cake. Unreal. I'll have to post pic later. She is doing a mario cake. I give her free reign. So I have no idea how it's going to turn out. I'm excited to see it.

worked out today after only sleeping approx. three hours last night. dragged my a$$ there. But it was the best work out ever. pushed myself harder and further then I have gone in a while. Tomorrow is trainer free. I miss her on T & TH. So just cardio and butt load of sit ups. Boring. She makes the work out fly. I have to some how come up with another 150 to get eight more sessions with her after these last four are out. I just dont think i am ready to do it on my own. So if anyone knows where a money tree is growing. Let me in on the secret.

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  1. Nice job getting to the gym even though you didn't sleep much! :)