Monday, March 16, 2009

working out 101

Hubby is a sweet heart. After my Uncle-in-law gave me a free membership to his new gym that opened up down the road, Hubby gave me a gift certificate for 8 half hour sessions with a personal trainer. my first day was today. I was so nervous. I am out of shape in a major way. But it was awesome.

I went for almost an hour. half of that was cardio that flew by. I wasn't really sore directly afterwards. Couple hours later is a different story. I ache everywhere but my toes. I am going from no working out to five days at the gym. tomorrow I just do cardio and meet with R on M,W,F. for weights and cardio. I feel good about it.

R is awesome. She has been doing this for 26 years. On days she isn't working at the gym she works at the local Navy Base getting Soldiers who have failed their physical in shape. She is tough but in a good way. I really like her.

wish me luck. I hear tomorrow is going to be a killer with aches and pains.


  1. Awesome! I hope tomorrow goes well too, hopefully some of the aches will wear off with sleep :)

  2. HA that is funny. I actually felt a little sore, not too bad this morning. I took some ibu. before bed. But half way through this morning work out I was like...ugh. Tomorrow will be worse. LOL.

  3. Yay for you getting in shape! Hope the aches are not too bad, the first few days should be the worst. But I understand stretching out properly after really helps, and I'm sure your trainer will do that with you. Good luck.