Monday, March 30, 2009

chuck e cheese disaster

I was so not impressed with Bugs party at Chuck E cheese. First off, they had eight parties at the same time ours was. It was chaotic. Our teen-e-bopper ("T") of a waitress sucked. Table was not set up when we got there. Our pizza was late, kids didnt get a drink until most of their pizza was gone and that was after Hubby asked for them three times and I finally took some cups and helped myself.

At one point I was cleaning up the tables to prepare for presents. "T" came over and said you dont have to do that. My response. yes I do, because you havent. I had to ask to bring the cake out. She lite the candle before I was able to get in front of Bug to take a picture. By the time I squeezed in, he had already blown out the candle. I made her light it again. I had to cut the cake with a plastic picnic knife.

And in the middle of cutting the cake, hands all goopy from frosting, the "parade" with Chuck E was announced and Bug was so overwhelmed he wanted me to go with him, sticky hands and all. Bday kids were suppose to meet chuck-E, but so many other kids were there Bug couldn't get to him.

All eight parties were jammed together so that parents could not even stand behind their kids or walk the isle to help little ones. There was no room for one party set of parents let alone two for the one isle.

T brought the bill over in the middle of opening presents. As if I have time for it then. I had to give the comment card to Hubby to fill out b/c I was so pissed. Shortly after she came back and even though she said No rush on the bill asked if I got a chance to see it. NO! Bug was opening presents.

Everything about it sucked. Some kids showed up that didnt RSVP. I didnt have gift bags for them. PLUS they really didn't participate with the party. Their mom's took their kids bday participant tokens and used them themselves. I was ripped. Hubby put bugs bday coins, which was like 50 tokens on the table during presents and they were stolen. We were right there. I think it was no RSVP moms.

But thankfully Bug was clueless and had a great time. He insisted he wasn't five until after his party. He turned five at Chuck E Cheese, he said.

After you are done looking at my adorable boy and imagining the candle lite, check out the space for adults in the isle. Thankfully the kids in the table behind had moved onto the games and jungle gym by then. Or there would have been NO room for adults.


  1. aw, Happy Birthday to your boy!

    that blows about chuck e cheese! i would've have lost it!!

  2. I am so glad he had a great time. I would have lost it as well!!! That really sucks about all that happened there. I can not believe someone stole Bugs tokens :(

  3. I'm sure Bug will only remember a great time - which is the most important thing. That, and you will never have a party there again! What a nightmare - it's all about the $$. They should never have scheduled EIGHT parties at once. I must say I have never been to Chuck Es; they put one in that just opened near our place, and I kind of dread going there cuz I have heard such bad things!

    Glad you got in some good bd yesterday - hope it does the trick!

  4. Wow! What a rip!

    My bean is having his party at our local community center. It is a swimming party. The pool is really nice and big and we are the last group of the evening, so hopefully it will go smoothly.

    I am sorry that it was such a hassle. I try hard to avoid Chuck E Cheese at all costs. This only further cements my feelings about it.