Friday, March 13, 2009

Rambling in a nutshell.

Yesterday was a good day. Better then I thought it would be after the melt down the night before. I had planned on taking a nap but after laying down for fifteen minutes I realized that was not going to happen no matter how tired I was. I actually got a lot done. Didn't go to bed until late as an old friend called from GA.

Slept horrible last night. Hubby is going off migraine meds and he is snoring like crazy and invades my space, hitting my pillow as if it was in his way. His encroachment on my space making this obnoxious. I couldn't get comfortable. Tried on my side, my other side, my back and my stomach. When I finally fell asleep from exhaustion, I would just be woken up again by my restless hubby. Arg.

I've been up a couple hours now with the uncomfortable dryness in my eyes with my body screaming for sleep. But I am up. No nap today as I am suppose to pick up Bug early from preschool for a hair cut. It's been too long and he is looking like a ragamuffin. Man I am tired.

Weekend is going to be full. Hubby's cousin's retirement party with the in laws. Hubby going to a fantasy sports convention early on Sunday so he is staying the night at Bug's Godparents b/c he is going with M the Godfather. Bug and I to drive the 40 minutes to Godparents house to pick up Hubby. AFTER babysitting all day.

Sunday without the Hubby and I am babysitting my twin's two kids. Three year old E and 5 month old M. SO, I am taking E, M and Bug to church by myself on Sunday as Bug sings in the cherub chior. Insta family. As a single Mom. Fun times. I just hope M doesnt cry the entire time. A couple weeks ago when I was at twin's house M cried everytime I got near him. It was kinda funny to see his face all happy contore into complete melt down. Just not at church. LOL.

OH and Monday I start working out at the gym with a trainer my Hubby got for me. 8 sessions. My A$$ is going to be kicked. But I am excited...kinda.


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! Sorry that you didn't get decent sleep, that's so hard when your mind is exhausted too. I hope the baby doesn't cry at church :) I usually spend the entire time in the "quiet" room anyway

  2. I'm glad you had a better day - hope you have a good, if busy, weekend!


  3. Just stopping-by from L&F to welcome you to the blogosphere! :) I too am a fellow MA'er. I was disagnosed with a bicornuate uterus last May after my second miscarriage. I also have a blood-clotting disorder, Factor V Leiden, which is a bit different than MTHFR...but also requires fun blood thinning shots during pregnacy! It's a great combo, isn't it?! How'd we get so lucky?

    Looking forward to catching-up on your story! :)