Sunday, March 15, 2009

mommy x3 for a day

Mommy to three...not me. Whoa. I am exhausted. I had to call my dad after my niece and nephew left. As I mentioned before my family had five kids growing up, I had to call dad to tell him he was insane. He laughed at me.

I took the kids to church by myself. Disaster. I was sweating like I ran a 10K. Bug was great as usually, except for the whining due to E getting in his space. E was a mad, mad little girl. she is aggressive and I was constantly speaking to her about hurting hands with the other kids. SIL sent me to church with less then half a bottle for M. That didn't last long. I ended up finding some apple juice and putting a drop in water. That seemed to work. Who knows if he has been exposed to juice before, but he loved it.

Bug was a trooper. Very helpful with M. But the two older kids bickered. I told Bug to use his big boy words with E instead of whining. He said exasperated, "I have been trying all day. She wont listen." They eventually settled to play nicely together. First play dough, then cars, then running around wrestling and then thank God Bro and SIL returned. M was content after lunch and a 45 min snooze.

I didn't stop going all day. I'm sure I could handle three children but man, I am sticking to Bug and God willing one more. As Hubby put it "Your no baby factor." This being said because all the women on my side of the family have 3,4,5+ kids. Nope not me. We are going to ttc one more and I'm done.

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  1. Hi - found your blog on LFCA. I too have a boy (7) and we're trying for #2, although we gave up with my old eggies and are going DE (second try starts tomorrow!)
    I also have a weird uterus (we're practically twins!) but mine is probably didelphic which is basically yours x2. Two half uteri! You'd think that would be just as good as one whole one eh? Anyway, I carried my first son mostly full term (like you) and we were so lucky to have no problems. Come check out my blog if you like - I'm a lot older but we uterine issues gals need extra support!