Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Working on Wellness.

It's snowing again here in Maine. The weather has been super nice lately. I went to Hubby's dodge ball game last night and only wore a sweatshirt. It was really warm. low 40's. But alas, more snow. I'm ready for spring. At least I don't have to trek the 45 minutes to the RE today. We are in that wait stage as I just missed the O window this past weekend. I want to send out a personal invite for AF to come over and stay for a short visit. She can reschedule her usual visit time and come earlier.

I was suppose to start the gym today. Again part of the overall wellness and Hubby's terms of agreement to start trying while I am out of work. Working out is suppose to help with that process. Last year I lost 35 pounds. The pounds I gained from losing Mom. I still have at least 25 more to go. Hubby thinks I can do it in a month if I start working out. As the 35 was done only by change in eating habits.

Bug is home sick today. Nasty cough. poor guy. I didn't want to travel in the snow anyways and a good excuse as any not to go to the gym. Only concern is he only naps at preschool. He wont nap at home. We will have to have a quiet rest time. He is good with that for a half hour or so. Gonna limit his time on the Wii. He loves Mario Cart. He'll challenge anyone who walks through the door. He is going to have a Mario Bday cake this year. I was looking for Mario bro. bday items but it's really more then we can afford. It's hard to plan a bday in March in Maine. The house isn't really big enough for a horde of kids plus parents. We are doing Chuck E cheese this year. Speaking of Which I need to reserve a table.


  1. Hey,
    I'm not sure what else my SIL takes. I know the megadose of Folic Acid for sure, she said it helped her feel less tired. She still takes it and she's had 6 kids. She's worked for a doctor for over ten years and she's a few credits shy of her nursing degree so if i ever have questions i just ask her to ask :)

    Woot for not having to trek out in the snow! I know! In MN it's been the in the 40s and today it's like 10. boo. :)

  2. Also, I'm really sorry about losing your Mom.

  3. I *love* Maine!!! Don' know if I would love all that snow though.