Sunday, March 22, 2009

Light Pants

OK. so Hubby has had a bad cold. So I told him not to worry about church this morning. I would take Bug alone and he could get some rest. He needs to save up energy for ttc in the next week or so. that means AF is coming any moment.

Without thinking I wore light khaki pants to church. I dont have to wear a belt with them and the belt was in the bedroom with sleeping hubby. I didnt want to disturb him. Half way through Church I get this feeling. You all know it. The oh...I'm starting feeling. Sometimes there are false calls when you are anxiously waiting but that feeling is still real and anxiety provoking especially if you are sitting in church wearing light pants.

I get out and before picking up Bug from church school use the bathroom. Hoping as I walk through the mass of people that there is no proof to why I am rushing. Thankfully it was a false call.

There was a girl in my eight grade math class. She sat right in front of me. She got up after class and there on her seat was every girls nightmare. Eight grade can be brutal this was no exception, no exemption. 15 years later I can recall this as if I was just there.


  1. Thank God it was just a false alarm!! BTW-your son is adorable! :)

    How are you doing? Did the personal trainer kick your butt last week? i would be such a baby :)

  2. I was nervous for you while reading this! I'm glad it was a false alarm.

  3. I lost four pounds last week. She did kick my behind. I am nervous about having the weekend off. I've been lazy and not eating healthy. DQ opened for the season. yum.