Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where did this NRG come from? (parenting)

Woke up yesterday more tired then I have been in ages. Forced myself to stay awake. Second wind around one. Kept it all day. I think its the Folbee. Major difference in my NRG level.

Bug had a much needed hair cut. Miss M has been cutting his hair since he was two. My Mom cut his hair the first couple times. Then took me forever to let anyone touch his hair. It was after I flubbed it up myself that I took him to see Miss M. She is wonderful with him. And totally in love with Bug. who isnt?

Miss M is running late. Miss R is in her chair an has very long hair. high lights and cut is done, but would I mind if Miss M blow dried it for her. Not at all I say. I would want my hair dried as well. Oh to be spoiled. Bug is great while we wait. 30 mintues more. Really long hair. I learn that she has three boys. 4.5, 2 and 3 weeks. This is a treat as her parents are in town and she could get away. Quick surge of jealousy. But I am over it as quickly as it came. I was happy to have given her that simple gift of time to be pampered. She hugs me before she leaves. A total stranger. I shake of her over abunance of appreciation and tell her to Pay it Forward. AJ is great as usually in the chair.

Stayed up too late and awake to early this morning. Bug didn't wake until ten minutes ago. almost 8. WOW he way over slept. Must be the growth spurt and getting over his cold. He woke up with a cry of distress. I had a feeling. I asked him if he wet the bed. Nope he says I wet myself. Sure enough. Just a wee bit of leakage. Enough to upset him. I tell him accidents happen and it's ok. After repeating myself a trillion times he calmed down. He isn't a morning person so he was really adamant about not taking a bath to clean up. So I washed him up. got him dressed in pj bottoms and told him he would have to have a bath when he was more awake, before we went to the retirement party this afternoon. he was cool with that.

Bug really is a good kid. We are so lucky. In more ways then one I know. The argument for hubby for the longest time as not to ttc was that we have a perfect son, what happens if the next one isn't as healthy, happy...bottom line....easy as Bug is. that is the chance you take right. You pray for a healthy baby and then work with what God lends you to raise and love.

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