Monday, March 9, 2009

Wanted: Right side of Uterus

I honestly can't believe the extent of testing I have been through. It's official. No right side. No partial. Nothing. It's not there. Last week I received the results of my final blood work. So what is next I ask. I got an answer, but not the one I want.

I have a mutation in my blood regarding clotting. Not really sure what this has to do with everything, because the doc says not to worry about it. She did give me a prescription for Foltx, in addition to the prenatal that I am already taking. She also wants me to take 81mg of baby aspirin. All this is suppose to help with implantation.

I have no right side. She said she figured that was the case after hystosono and that is why she sent me for the HSG to confirm. During the hystosono she said she thought she saw both ovaries. But today she said there was no right side. No mention of one or two ovaries...but if there is only one side, isn't it logical to think that there is no right ovary. I need to call and find this out for sure.

What is next... Well, sex. Lots and lots of sex. Don't get me wrong, but I am ready for a turkey basters. I told her so. She just laughed. She says that in our case we don't have a problem in regards to becoming pregnant. She says we both, hubby and I, are fertile. (Bug, and two lost pregnancies. Two of those times not trying, one trying for only three months)

The problem is in sustaining the pregnancy. They are going to monitor conception and I will be monitored with dr. visits for the first ten weeks of the pregnancy when it does happen. And if all is well, sent back to my OB. They gave me a bunch of Ovulation kits and I need to call them a million and one times during the month. The clinic will do two types of pregnancy test each month and not wait for AF to visit. They want to monitor from the beginning. Monitor how? Not sure what they can do that early if I start to lose the baby. I guess I will have to call tomorrow to talk to Birdie* my fertility counselor and nurse to find out what can be done if I start to lose a pregnancy. I was kept over night after I was in a car accident in the first trimester with Bug for observations, but told if anything went wrong they wouldn't be able to save him. If this is true, why RE monitoring me so closely. For some reason I had no real questions when at the office, now that I am writing this more and more are popping up.

From the beginning of this process we were told to take a break for ttc until we find out what is going on. I ovulated this past weekend. I wanted ttc, but a part of me was like don't touch me. Oh yeah ! good excuse, we are suppose to wait until told further instructions. Now I am kinda kicking myself for not following my gut and for letting an O get away.

Again another Month has past.....


  1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention...

    Birdie not her real name. But, I think if I told her her alias on here she would laugh...

  2. So, what are you doing then...IUI? What meds are they having you use?

    You probably do have both ovaries. I'm missing the left side of my uterus and that tube, but the ovary is still there on that side. I never knew that ovaries aren't attached to the fallopian tube, they actually are attached to the pelvis.

    Let us know:)

  3. I don't have a right side either - I think you are the first other left sider I've encountered.

    I do have an ovary on the right, just no tube over there so we may be in the same boat.

    Not sure what blood clotting mutations you have but I've got two of them so you aren't the only one on that either. :)

    Oh, and I came here by way of Mary. Nice to meet you!


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  5. Do you have MTHFR? One of my SIL's has that. Are you going to ask about that? I'd be googling everything and driving myself insane :)

    Woot to being fertile though! They should be telling you what they'll do as far as monitoring, if they don't, i would ask. I love the first few months where you call and see everyone at the RE's office more than you see friends and family..

  6. No additional meds. Just the Foltx, Baby Aspirin, and prenatal. No IUI. just straight S.E.X. She feels that since we already have our DS, Bug, and have had two other pregnancies we are fertile. The difficulty is in the sustaining the pregnancy.

    OK. so the Ovary is attached to the pelvis. How do they reach the uterus if they dont go through the fallopian tube? HMM. The dr. did mention that part of the monitoring is to make sure that I dont have an ectopic pregnancy. (my thought is because it would not be usable in the traditional way)

    I wish I could just go to IUI. I asked about it, but she really wanted us to try on our own first. For about nine months. Hubby is fine with that. Me not so much.

  7. I do have MTHFR. That is what the foltx is for. Foltx is a folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 cocktail. MTHFR is the blood mutation I talked about before. Although my RE said it wasnt serious, this is what I found about it.

    Women with MTHFR factor have spontaneous miscarriages between 5th and 6th weeks (yeah that is soon as I find out I am BFP. it's immediately next step--> m/c), and a lack of B6 and B12 directly affects rapidly reproducing cells... and that would be what an embryo does. A lack of B6 and B12 causes rapidly reproducing cells to STOP reproducing.

  8. Your fallopian tube is attached to your uterus, lol. But, it isn't attached to the ovary. It's like and arm with a 'hand' at the end that floats around and reaches for the ovary. In all the pictures they just show it touching the ovary. My Dr actually said that my one tube on the right side is capable of reaching over to the left ovary and getting an egg from the other side. Not very likely, but he says it can happen. Hope that helps:)

  9. i don't know if it would help with your particular situation, but my RE is putting me on daily progesterone suppositories (ew) in order to nourish a beginning pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. (i just had an IUI)

  10. I don't know that there's anything that can be done if you have already started to have a miscarriage, but there's a lot they can do to help sustain a pregnancy if they know you're at risk of m/c, like progesterone supplementation, and all the meds you're taking for MTHFR to prevent clotting.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with all this--I know firsthand what a shock it is to get a diagnosis like this.