Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Baby are you OK?"

As most of you know, I found out via pee stick yesterday that I am BFP. I have an appointment for blood work on Monday. Wont know the results until Tuesday.

I am nervous. Each stomach pain, aches, cramps I get so nervous and wonder....

I haven't gotten the many small meals down. I usually only eat one maybe two meals a day. Not the healthiest habit. I've never been good with eating, either I eat too little or too much. I am trying to eat healthy. My tummy feels nauseous if I am not constantly eating.

I'm so scared of something going wrong. Despite the manic episodes during the 2ww, after two m/c I am so gun shy about being overly excited.

It doesn't seem real. Like at any minute disaster will strike. And my body will fail me once again.

I've been trying to stay calm. But I realized deep down I haven't been. Nasty cold sore arrived yesterday. Telling me that I have been stressed and exhausted. No kidding huh.

Waiting for either MIL or Hubby to wake up so I can go back to sleep. Even though it's going to be rainy icky today, we have a busy day and I am running on fumes.

Taking Bug to the movies. Second attempt. first attempt was when the Bee movie came out. He sat so well for the previews and first half of the movie, but then we had to leave he couldn't sit still. I think if we skip the previews he might have the ability to sit through a whole movie. We shall see. we are going to see Monsters VS. Aliens.

Two of my SIL have taken my nieces and nephew and says it's cute. A couple mild, hells and damns, but we have already had the conversation that we dont repeat bad words we hear on tv or from other people. Bug insists that Heck is a bad word. I'll go with that.


  1. Good luck with the bloods next week, mate. Thanks for the post on my site. You're right, it would be kinda surreal to actually have an ongoing pregnancy experience with someone, and I hope it happens for us both.

    I want to see Monsters vs Aliens too... eventually! too many assignments right now.

    Take care

  2. Sorry I missed your BFP post! yeah! Are you taking progesterone? That stuff is awesome and I think has helped us maintain our pregnancy this time:-) Hoping for a big beta for you!!

  3. Hoping your sick feelings are a good sign! I know how you feel about not being able to feel sure. This while waiting thing is what makes people crazy! Looking forward to hearing your blood test results.

    Hope things went well at the movie, sitting for that long in public is a hard thing for a little guy!

  4. I can understand being worried. I know when I get my BFP next time I am going to be supper worried. I am praying for you!!

  5. OMG! Congratulations! How cool is this!
    I can never 'see' your posts until the next day so I just saw this. I wonder if anyone else has that problem at your blog. It happens on my work and home computer. Weird.

    Can't wait for betas on Monday. Whoo hoo! Is your husband thrilled? I can't believe how quick that happened for you:) yay!