Monday, April 13, 2009

grumpy, feeling a bit, UGH

So after sleeping in till 8:30 the day after the horrific night with Bug and his flu, I went back to sleep from 9:30am to 2:30pm yesterday, I still had no energy so I laid down at 5:30. I was out by six. woke up when hubby came to bed around 11. back to sleep soon after, up at 2 when I heard Bug groaning. He was talking in his sleep. Back to sleep and not awake until Bug kissed me awake quarter to 7 this morning. I should be rested right...not so much.

what has gotten into me. All I want to do is sleep. I have no energy. I am nauseous. My back is killing me. and tummy has twinges.

I am not sure if it's beginning pregnancy fun or if Bug was kind enough to share his "sickness germs" (this is what he calls them) with me.

either way all I want to do is go back to bed. But since Bug's last episode of grossness was just after lunch yesterday he can't go to preschool the next day, today. So he is home. Full of energy from the tip of his toes to the ends of his hair.

I wish I could tap into it. Bottle it and sell it on the black market.


  1. Sorry you're feeling so exhausted. Can your MIL watch him while you get some rest? (Glad he's doing better :) )

  2. She did. I slept for a couple hours. I am sore, maybe from sleeping.

    I wish I could take a hot bath. That would feel so good. But. Nope, not until i know if I am BFP or not.

    Friday I can have blood work done.

  3. Sorry you are so tired :(
    I will not ginx things by saying what I am praying for it to be for you ;) and it sure the heck aint the flu ... LOL

    So glad to hear Bug is feeling better :)