Thursday, April 16, 2009

RE P nurse not so helpful

Kinda irked by the conversation I just had with my new RE nurse P. She really irritated me. From her voice to the lack of ability to say anything other then "It's really too early to test." I mean she said it like a hundred times.

I called because it's day 24. Even if I go for a record breaking cycle of 28 days...don't you think I can test and get a + or - ?

Answer is a yes. but "it's really too early to test."

I get it though.

I could test positive and get all excited over a BFP but because "It's really too early to test." (see it does get really annoying) but because "It's really too early to test" (told ya, annoying) the numbers would be low and it could be cause by an unhealthy pregnancy or "it's too early to test."


So bottom line from the FN phone call. "it's really too early to test."

I wonder what the hell happened to my wonderful, adorable, helpful, understanding RE nurse R. Where did she go and where did this P come from.


  1. Go away P and come back R!!

    I am so sorry P is being that way. I hope you get to test soon :) and you know what we want the result to be!! ((SUPER HUGS))

  2. Thanks for the information on mthfr. I'm so bummed about the whole thing.
    When I go to your blog the current post never shows up, just the comment section, which is why I haven't commented to you since I can't see the post.
    I hope you are doing good and get the BFP!

  3. That is crazy...I've had anxiety attacks my whole life as well.

  4. How much follic acid is in your Flobee? My Re has me on 2mg (2000mcg) a day.