Sunday, April 12, 2009

"but it's in the middle of the night"

Does anyone know what movie that is without goggling it?

I'm up with Bug...have been most of the night. All I can smell right now is vomit and diarrhea. I'm tempted to just toss his cute little calvin klines from TJ Maxx in the garbage and not wash them. I'll know in the morning when they are done "soaking" if I am up to cleaning the shit. literally.

couldn't help it. tested right before bed. negative. But it is so early yet. I just have bloating, cramping and big ass boobs.

Bug has full blown flu now...maybe that i what is in store for me. Who knows.


  1. Ugh, so sorry about the negative. Keeping fingers crossed that it was too early. (should have kept my darn mouth shut--sorry)

    Hoping Bug feels better soon and you manage to not get sick.


  2. Bug is really upset that he can't go to Grampa's for Easter. He wanted OJ this morning so I watered it down, more then usual, and he is drinking it with the throw up bucket in his lap...

    I figured it was too early to test. Nothing about this cycle has been like my previous cycles. who knows. Maybe it's a 28 day cycle.

    whoa. that is a new concept.

  3. I'm sorry Bug is sick! ugh, yeah, crusted vomit is not fun to clean up :(

    Sorry about the's still early though :)

    Happy Easter!

  4. Sorry to hear Bug is still sick :(
    Happy easter!

  5. "But it's in the middle of the night!" I think that was Miss Hannigan, played by Carol Burnett in Annie. I could be wrong, but for some reason that's what I keep seeing.

    It's still early - hang in there!


    Kym got it right.

    I love that movie. I could recite the whole thing word for word.