Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What does it feel like to have MIL live with us?

Like living with a parent. She is really helpful. But at the same time a nag. Kinda like "clean your room" but in regards to the whole house. I feel like she is always judging me or what I do. even if she doesnt say anything.

I am always having to watch what I say. I have to have manners all the time. It can be frustrating.

It's hard sometimes to take a grown up role in my own house because it's easier to let her do things.

But over all it's good. We have a routine. and we have a split level house, so she is down stairs most of the time. That is her domain. And she cooks every night.

Bug loves having her here. He really doesnt know anything different. he loves his Grana so much.

It's been seven years since she told us that she has MS. We knew that since my SIL didn't want to live with MIL and she is all about herself, it would eventually some day come down to us to have her live with us. We knew this before we got married. It just happened sooner then we thought. She was unable to take care of her house on her own. It was too tiring.

So she sold her house and moved into our little two bedroom apartment. that was hell. but we found a perfect house that would accommodate my family plus "grana".

her neurologist retired or became ill or something and so she got a younger more up to date one. she had a new spinal tap and discovered that her spinal fluid is clear, not the 1% type milky substance of someone with MS.

So off her meds. She gets better. but she starts to regress again. Alot of it is neurological. She can't think fast, if she is doing one thing and someone comes to help she cant switch gears quickly to accept the help. If asked a question she takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to decide on an answer.
She physically gets tired very easily. She cant stand up well. and needs help, but once standing she is fine. If she over does it one day, she is out of commission for a couple days later.

After new consultation in Boston to a MS specialist. it was decided that she doesn't actually have MS. But unable to figure out what it is. no test are revealing what it is. but now she thinks or rather doc are thinking that it might be lime disease. we dont know. more test to come.

Anyways. that is a snippet of MIL living with us.


  1. We have so much in common. My Mother has MS and so does my Aunt. Plus the uterus thing, you know about...Super crazy!!!

  2. How are your mom and aunt doing? what does the doc say about your chances of having MS?

  3. That sounds tough. My DP has MS as well, though has never had a spinal tap, that just doesn't seem to be one of the diagnostic tests that is usually done here. They just go with MRIs to view lesions, and with symptoms.

    We used to have MIL living with us. It was awful! She used to go to work a lot but never cooked or did any housework, and her cat and dog peed in her room a lot.