Tuesday, April 7, 2009

puddle run.

I was dragging all day. no energy. massive headache. so i slept all day. I would have slept more if I could, but I had just slept too much. Today is day two of no Caffeine. I drink decaf coffee hoping the placebo effect will occur.

I got to sleep in (made hubby lunch last night, set out bugs outfit for today the night before) All hubby had to do was go out the door and drop bug off at preschool.

I didnt go to the gym today. I had every intention to. Just couldn't get past the headache and 101 excuses not to. After dinner tonight Bug, Grana (MIL) and I went for a walk. Hubby is at Tuesday night Dodge ball.

It wasn't just any walk. it was a puddle run. I put on my sneakers for the walk and Bug was like, arent you going to put your boots on too? OH OK.

so we walked the neighborhood. (classic suburbia) and when we saw a puddle we would race the other to the puddle. It got intense. running in puddle boots is not easy. Bug has endless energy. I got home and not only was I soaked from jumping in the puddles, but I had sweat dripping down my back, side and front. It was really a fun cardio work out.

Plus Bug is one half hour cartoon away from going to bed. He can barely hold himself up. Awesome.


  1. sorry about the headache & no energy today.

    Sounds like puddle runs are awesome!

    i love that last half an hour before bed...my daughter is such a snuggle bug. heaven!

  2. Bug had so much fun racing me to puddles. It really was fun.

    I miss cuddling with Bug. He is at the stage where he wont cuddle. I have to trick him into it.

    or he will try to stall before bed and he knows I will always cuddle with him no matter when.

  3. Good luck on your 2ww - sorry about the caffeine withdrawal! I feel your pain. Love the puddle story.