Wednesday, April 15, 2009

quick hi

I have to apologize first. I feel so blah and all my post lately have been pathetic pity parties for one, hosted by me for me. They were a smashing hit I tell ya, but didnt get me very far.

I am officially late with my period, but that means squat. as it's my first cycle with my new MTHFR med. I do have some weird texture secretion. But I have read that this is the building of the mucus plug if I am in fact pregnant.

Another reason for my crabby attitude is that today marks 15 days without smoking. GO me! TODAY I kinda had a really hard day. On the way home from dropping Bug off at preschool there was a car in front of me that had a smoker in it. Her 2nd hand was coming through the vents of my car. I quickly shut off my defroster. and closed everything up.

I felt like a shark at the smell of blood. it was awful. set me off for a bad day. BUT I did not smoke. I can't smoke.

Remind me to tell you about tonight's outing to the Sea Dogs baseball game with Bug and hubby. I had so much fun.

but Lost is on...Thanks to DVR. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow. After my latest job search.


  1. I'm glad you are addressing the MTHFR:-) Lucky us, eh? Did you have any other clotting tests done?

    'Yeah' for the no-smoking. I've heard it is an awful addiction to kick- but anything for a healthy mama!!

  2. dude i hear ya. haven't had a cig since dec. my dh rarely smokes but this weekend he had to buy a pack. thankfully it's been so long the scent revolts me :)

    Good job not smoking!

  3. Nope no other clotting test...

    Should I?

  4. Woohoo, your late!! I hope this is good news for you!!

  5. SAmoking is super hard to break YAY for you :) That is awesome that you are doing that. How are your Homocystine levels?? Mine are down right now YAY :)

    DVR is great lol
    At least your doc is treating your MTHFR and that is a great thing :) I am still praying for that you know what on the PT :)

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