Monday, April 6, 2009

OOOOOO yeah Awkward

So, this cycle has been way off. Weird but good. New MTHFR meds made period smoother. But my O has been off. I thought I would miss it all together this month. Not so. The line has been getting increasingly darker. It was at the point this morning that I was for sure we would be O tonight.

Did I mention my MIL lives with us. That is a story for another post, but yes, it's true. usually we plan our baby dancing for when she isnt here. Not the case tonight. Couldnt be helped. We were going to talk her into taking Bug for a walk this evening after supper. It's pouring. Like near flood pouring.

So I told her she needed to occupy Bug at the other end of the house and on a different floor after dinner. She was like...oh really. Gulp. yes. just do it. LOL

So they watched Pinocchio. Her bday present. It worked. Everyone but Bug knows what was embarrassing. Funny though she hasnt had a clue the rest of the times. We do a great job hiding it. It just couldnt be hidden this time around.

One word sums it up.....Awkward. I hope it was worth it.


  1. Well, it isn't like she's surprised you actually have s.e.x, is it? I mean, you do have Bug, and he had to come from something! :-)

    Keeping fingers crossed for this cycle!

  2. ;)

    I hope you caught the eggie!

  3. Giggles... Get that egg little swimmers :)

  4. Lol embarrassing! What's it like in general having your MIL living with you?