Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have been uncomfortable all day. I think I fucking jinxed myself by buying HPT.

I am just days away from testing. in regards to my old cycle before MTHFR anyways. Who knows what the hell is happening with this new cycle.

I do know that my boobs still hurt and regular bras hurt. I just bought another sports bra, cause the one and only one I have reduced the ache.

I just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. Walked farther then yesterday. trying to make up for RE saying I cant do weight training and the cardio that I was doing with Xina my personal trainer. I think I push too hard on the walk.

I have horrible cramps and my back hurts. Aches. Pain. Just under my belly button on the left side....GOOD SIDE.

pray that it's nothing bad.

I just know I am pregnant. Even though I can't test yet. The signs tell me so. (this would be my fourth pregnancy) But this cramping isn't right.



  1. Praying...hoping all is well. Hugs.

    Maybe you are further along than you think? What if you tested?

  2. I'll test in the morning.

    still uncomfortable. but pains are subsiding.

    feeling really bloated. breast are fuller.

  3. I'll pray!
    p.s. some women have cramps before a +hpt !! :)

  4. I just suggest that because I cramped like crazy before my bfp...

  5. I also cramped a lot in weeks 3-5 (i.e. right around my BFP)

  6. Gah! I feel like I am so far behind on all everyones blogs. I hope the cramping has stopped and all is ok.