Sunday, April 19, 2009

feeling icky already....and.... job interview

All day. I am hungry. I feel sick. That nasty blah feeling.

I can't quite say it's morning sickness. Because I dont think I am going to actually vomit, but its an ugh feeling, like I could, but wont.

I wanted fried onion rings for breakfast. To think about it now, gross. I dont even care for onion rings.

I've been eating saltines, but stomach hurt wicked after eating them. weird.

I'm excited. I have a job interview tomorrow. For two positions at the same company. It's for children case management and the other is for adult case management. I really want the kids position. That is where my experience is in. But I am willing to learn the adult aspect if it means working.

The hours are reasonable. I am a good case manager. Pay is way better then unemployment.

I am not saying anything about the pregnancy. I am hoping I dont have any complications. But either way I need to work. I am going crazy without working.


After interview tomorrow getting my blood work done. wont know beta numbers until Tuesday. RE office closed on Monday. Who is closed on patriots day? Banks are even closed. Mail comes.


  1. I hope the beta is super strong and that you feel better soon! Also, good luck on the job interviews!! :)

  2. yep morning sickness even if you do not vomit. LOL All that sick and cravings are an awesome thing :) It is all very worth it.
    I am praying for a strong beta and a healthy preg for you :) ((Super Hugs))

  3. Good luck at your interview! Sending good vibes your way for both that and the beta.. can't wait to hear!!!