Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Crazy Days...did I over do it?

Friday, MIL and I were out and about all day. Walking from shop to shop, In and out of car, pulling cart of flowers at the greenhouse. then I picked up fifty pound bag of sandbox sand before dropping it due to a quick pain in stomach. I forget that I have to take it easy while still being Mom to Bug.

Saturday was a blast and jam packed. Not really physically challengeing but long. I even got a walk in. (to the ice cream shop). Bug has his first t-ball practice. He is the youngest and totally cute.

then we went to the sea dog game where we had fun in the sun. Hubby got a funny sunburn, cause he said he didn't burn except on his nose. so I only put sunblock on his nose per his request. There is a distinct line where there was NO sun block and protection from his ball cap and sunblock. We left early to watch the Sox at M&M's (God Parents to Bug.)house. S&C joined us, then J and E. With D, J hubby coming after work.

The gang was all here. it was so fun. I had to tell the girls about the baby. I couldnt hold it in. My reasoning was if some horrific thing happened and I lost the baby then I would still need my girls for support. It felt good talking about it. I've been holding it in for so long. Only talking about it on here. to actually talk to my girls about it. Yeah. Makes it more real.

I laughed and chatted and ate all night. It was a blast. After the Sox kicked Yankee's ass we played a board game. During the game I was sitting on the love seat with my legs tucked under me. I reached down and around to the side of the love seat for my glass of water. I was stretching my body and something down low pulled. It hurt so bad. I pulled my legs up to my chest trying to make the pain go away.

Hubby got instantly concerned. We excused ourselves and went to the bathroom. Hubby just held me. There was nothing I could do. It hurt so bad. It brought tears to my eyes. I waited it out, returned to the game with bathroom checks for blood. None. Nothing has happened today. I am more anxious more then ever for my ultra sound. I want to get blood work done to make sure things are progressing.

What I really want is on inside look into my fucked up uterus and ask...everything ok in there. With a response of Yup, Mommy. everything is fine. that would be good. Or maybe a crystal ball to tell me that all this is going to be fine and I will have my baby in slightly less then nine months. Healthy and ready for the world.

damn! this is going to be a long long pregnancy.


  1. I know what you mean...a crystal ball or peek inside would be reassuring.

    I hope that the pull and pain you felt was just a muscle that didn't like the way you were twisting.

    Glad to hear you told your girls about the baby. I've learned that it's important to enjoy and lavish yourself in the glory of a pregnancy. Neither of my two pregnancies lasted very long, but I remember joyous, wonderful moments of being two souls in one body.

    I hope and pray that you get to enjoy those lovely pregnancy moments for 9 or so full months!


  2. I wish that we all could take glimpses into the future and know how things will turn out. Good or bad, we could move on to the business of dealing with the emotions and knowing that our joy (or anxiety) wasn't all for naught. I'm hoping and praying for your u/s!


  3. Don't you wish you had an in-house ultrasound machine? If I find one on ebay, I'll let you know;-) I know what it is like to have every day be a miracle...

  4. I hope you just pulled a muscle - but take it easy girl! You need to tell everyone so they can help you remember to not lift heavy things. Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. Definitely take it easy and relax. I know that is easier said then done. I hated waiting for appointments.

  6. Praying for you and the little one. Hope that was just a muscle but I know it terified you. Take it easy and lift nothing :)

  7. Wow. Scary. Put your feet up and relax for a while.