Tuesday, April 28, 2009

update...not much.

Feeling ok. craving something cold. I would love to have an iced coffee.

Sunday's scare has me really nervous. But I'm feeling ok. Some small discomfort, but doc says that could be the cyst or strained ligaments.

I am so tired. It's like when I had mono in college. I dont remember being this tired with Bug, or my two angel babies.

I slept all day. When I wasnt sleeping, I was laying in bed reading. Then nap some more.

Everywhere I went. From bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, even out on the porch-- my kitty Sophie followed me. I think she knows something is going on. It's very cute.

My breast hurt again. I can't imagine them getting any bigger.

OK. yeah I'm tired...sorry I am so boring lately. dont have much energy.

Will be going to my Dad's this weekend. three days, two nights. Hubby is having a "weekend of Mike". He needs to regroup. without taking time off. trying to save all his sick days for potential usage in the future or for after the baby is born. Dont know what the future holds.

That part is very scary.


  1. lol get rest and take care of you and that little one :)

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  3. Place the worry on us!!! We're here for you!! I was flippin exhausted to the max with my daughter but not for the pregnancy i miscarried, so i think this is awesome!! :) I hope you get to enjoy your naps and rest hun :)