Thursday, April 30, 2009

U/S update

Nope. Nothing to really update you on. It was a little more painful then Sunday's u/s. not sure why that is. slight bleeding. But I wasnt bleeding before the "magic wand". so not really concerned.

I'm still wicked early. 5wk2d. another u/s next week, same time, same place.

I need to call my reg. OB to do the "regular" stuff. dragging my feet. Not sure why. Just not in a big giant hurry to call. They know I am pregnant. They have been getting all the test and reports that have been done.

Anyways. Still mucho tired. Crazy tired. waiting for washer to finish so I can hang clothes on the line and lay down before having to pick up Bug and take him to cherub choir.

Have a good one. It's beautiful out.


  1. I hpoe you get to see the hb next week. And take lots of naps, hon!

  2. Sorry about the painful u/s. Can't wait to hear about how great the baby looks next week! :)

  3. that is quite early, but glad to hear the sac is in the right place. we get told not to bother with ultrasounds unless we're a min of 7 weeks!! (roll eyes) although technically I think the heart starts beating around 5-6 weeks. who knows?

    good luck to you and to me!

  4. Get lots of rest and relax. I know easier said than done right?? LOL I am praying for you and the little one :)