Monday, April 27, 2009

ER visit. (not so nice language)

I had cramping with jabbing pain off and on all day yesterday. Hubby called Re office. On call RE sends us to our local hospital (RE is 45 minutes away, local hospital less then ten minutes away). Calling our hospital ahead of time. RE tells us an ultra sound tech will meet us there.

Everything is closed on sunday afternoon, so when we get there we go to the ER to direct us to ultra-sound. We check in. I get my first ID bracelet. Sent to an empty part of the hospital to call a phone number and the ultra sound tech will come get us. Not so.

An hour later Hubby calls I different extension and someone finally comes out and takes us back to the ER where I am brought right back to a room. given ID bracelet number 2. told that the ultra sound tech is on call. will be there in ten minutes. in the mean time, drink these two cups of water. Fill your bladder for the ultra sound.

I drink two cups of water on an already half full bladder. Vampire comes in to take a bunch of blood. I get 3rd ID bracelet.

We wait for ultra sound tech. I still have cramping. Only thing that helps is pulling my legs up to my chest. half hour goes by, it turns into a full hour. My bladder is full. Full. full. doc. says I can't pee. Bladder needs to be full. u/s tech will be here any minute. I'm just about in tears b/c I am about to piss myself. More time goes by. No tech. Fuck it. I have to pee. I waddle to the bathroom. Let just enough out so it's not painful. I go back and who is there...

A pissed off U/S tech because now she has to wait for me to fill my bladder again. Fuck her. I've been waiting for her for hours. I guzzle another glass and half of water. take me back I tell her. believe me, I still have to piss. bladder is full enough. She is mad cause I peed. but takes me back.

She tells me on the u/s my bladder is full enough for the procedure...No shit. I still have to piss like a fucking race horse. I'm too early in my pregnancy to see much on the stomach u/s she need to stick that wonderful dildo like wand inside for a better look at what might be causing the pain. Guess what. She wants me to pee....empty my bladder. Sweet Jesus, make up your flippin mind.

need to rule out Ectopic pregnancy. way to scare me. She sees a small dark spot...there is our baby. A small smudge on the screen. It's beautiful. Then she goes on to find a small ovarian cyst. but says this is pretty normal after Ovulation. But could be causing the pain. Exam done.

sent back to our room in the Er. need to wait an hour while our awake (it's pretty damn late now) friends in Australia (shout out to S) exam the images and send it back to Maine for me to have results. Another hour plus wait.

Results of blood work come back. They dont really explain anything, but to say that they look good. I ask about my betta's 821.something. Yeah. that is good. I'm definitely pregnant. But what is causing the cramping and jabbing pain.

Finally the doc come in and says that everything looks fine. He mentions the cyst. that may or may not be causing the discomfort. He also mentions the stretching I did last night (see previous post) for a glass of water, may have strained a ligament down there. He says, Take Tylenol and go to the Thursday ultra sound appointment...

He'll go get our discharge papers.

Another 45 minutes plus goes by. For a piece of paper.

Great. Just great. I am thrilled beyond belief that nothing freaky deaky was going on. It's pretty scary when this is about the time that I lose my babies.

But come on. Six hours in the FN Er. when we were told originally the U/S tech would meet us there...

I'm sorry. I really am bitter about the whole experience. It was not fun. One mistake after another. From the moment we got there to the time we left.

But Tylenol is helping and my baby is fine. bottom line. that is what counts.

Just for fun... Here are the bracelets that once were put on were not looked at again. What was the point.


  1. I'm glad baby is all good in there:) Sorry for the big hassle. Now, you need to lay low lady! No more of this running around for you.

  2. Me again. Did you see that someone on the uu sisterhood posted that she is on Mystery Diagnosis tonight because of her uu? Should be interesting. She said it's on at 10pm, but I don't know what time zone she is in. I'll have to check the cable listings when I get home.

  3. WOW sounds like my ER experiances except for my bad news at the end. I am praying for you and little one. Do not over do it again :) I am so sorry you had to go threw that but the baby is fine that is all that matters. God Bless that little one and may him keep him/her safe :)

  4. I hate ultrasounds, i mean really, if you have to fll your bladder, the least they could do is be on time for it. I'm sorry you had to spend six hours whilst they screwed around but glad bubs is all ok.

  5. Okay. Listen closely. No more hospital visits for 8 more months. Okay? Jeez. Tell your little bun to sit tight for a lot longer.

    Hugs. I am hoping that the pain continues to remain away with Tylenol. Why isn't Thursday here yet!!!

  6. So sorry you had to go through that! I'm glad all appears to be well though, what a relief. I can't believe the crap medical staff feels like they can pull with people! What would never be put up with in any other field. If they tech wasn't available, why didn't they just say so?! Or if an emergency came up - they could have let you know - or (shock!) called another tech! Waiting around that long when you were told they would be waiting is just ridiculous.

    I especially love the whole pee incident - been there!