Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm up early. Cant sleep. But am exhausted. Was up early in the morning and up late at night. Not a great combo.

MIL was out on the back deck picking up a bunch of glass that broke last fall, but quickly got covered in snow.

I get a call from her. R come here please. I get close to the back door and she says, can you bring me the tea kettle and a paper towel. OK. Odd request.

I bring the items to the door and my eyes bug out. Blood was everywhere, I mean everywhere. She had cut her finger while cleaning up the glass. She needed the paper towel for the finger and the tea kettle to rinse off the deck from the quart (not really) of blood that she lost.

I get her inside and I am giving her hell, because she finished cleaning up the glass after she cut her finger. Then called me. Telling me it was nothing. She runs her hand under ice cold water.

The bleeding wont stop. My wonderful first aid training kicks into gear. We head to the ER with her practically kicking and screaming. (slight exaggeration, just some protest that she is ok and doesn't need stitches.) Riiiiight.

We get there. She needs a tetanus shot, and a wonderful glue like substance to close the wound and chunk of finger that was missing.

while we are there, there was a little 2 year old that broke his leg. poor thing. A slightly drunk barely twenty idiot who was in a cross walk, and got "hit" by a car. He was walking but his knee hurt. a little boy, maybe two who needed to have meds administered via IV so came to the ER. Pissed off guy who left without being seen because he was tired of waiting. A worker from the shipyard who did something to his shoulder. A little busy, but no real trauma's except for the poor little guy who broke his leg.

Not a busy metropolis, but we had the typical ER experience with our Two hour stay, with a pretty empty waiting room. Fun times.

MIL was upset she didn't get stitches to show to Bug.

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  1. WOW!! She finnished cleaning up the glass after she cut her self!! WOW!! Glad she is ok now tho :)