Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sock it to me...continued. (long ass post)

I didnt do SITM justice when I wrote my first post. I was having a rough day, but super excited to have received my socks from Stacie.

Which was pretty cool because that is what SITM is all about. holding each other up when we can't do it ourselves. This was done for me by two pairs of socks. Actually at first I only saw the pink pair. I was so thrilled and content with just these. Loved the toes and the color was my absolute favorite.

I was actually just waking up from a nap (see escaping reality) when Hubby brought in the package. YIPPEEEEE. It was when I started picking up the wrapper (beautifully wrapped, stacie is a working mom of twin boys, where did she have the time?) that I found the second pair. MY second favorite color. Lime Green. this was going to be my bridesmaid's dress colors back in 04. But we found out I was pregnant with Bug in 03 and had a small intimate exchange of the vows instead. (insurance purposes).

Lots of tangents I know, but really this is how my brain is working right now. I'm home due to being laid off (damn economy). So I get to think and browse the web all day regarding my recent dx of MTHFR and how my uterus (half a uterus) doesnt work right.

I first joined a yahoo group for woman with a unicorn uterus. It is there I met mary. We got chatting and she encouraged me to start my own blog. Ok. I can check my email. but blogging. totally not up my alley. not because I dont want to...I just have no idea how. well, mary gave me the link to blogger. Why the hell not. I have nothing really to do all day and no one to talk to about my IF difficulties. (hubby is private and doesnt want others to know we are ttc--avoid those awkward questions) So I gave it a try. and learned that I am hooked. obsesssed really.

I created my blog. And shocked that people actually come to it. I am not really special. I am not a great writer. What I am is real. I have something on my mind I write it. In my mind it's never going to be read, so I dont hold back. But people do read. I have a small group of readers who I've grown to love and love reading their blogs.

I have no real support in the real world. love hubby, but he has a penis and doesn't quite understand my uterus issues turned to mental melt downs. he is of the mentality it will happen when it happens. I wear my emotion on my sleeve, or in this case at my finger tips. He holds it in and talks finances. drives me nuts. The few friends I have shared this with are great but, have full uteruses and dont even have children of their own yet. Or they live far away, out of state. anyways. you IFers know what I am talking about.

But here, I can be me. I have the support of my IF sisters. Amazing that I have something in common with all of you.

Thank you for being there for me. your caring and support gets me through from day to day during all this dreaded waiting for baby #2.

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  1. Beautiful post. I had to laugh at the penis line. I swear I totally understand what you mean!