Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bug and ER

Took Bug to the ER tonight.

He fell head first off the stage at church. All the kids were playing on it, he went to jump off or something, and all I heard was a thud and then a cry. hysterical cry. I knew instantly the cry was Bugs.

Bug clung to me and said "I broke my head. I need to go to the hospital"

He seemed fine. But then seemed drunk. balance was all off. It was weird. Mixing up phone numbers.

We took him to the ER. It was busy, but amazing short wait.

Dr. exam. Said he was fine. He seems fine now.



  1. Oh my! How is he doing now? How are you? Thank God he's okay!

  2. OMG!!!
    Thank the Lord he is fine. How is he now and how are you doing????

  3. I am glad he is ok! That is just the worse moment, when you hear the thud and then your baby cry out. Terrible!