Friday, April 10, 2009

whatta co-wink-i-dink

I was on the verge of calling my Re. Phone in hand.

The phone rings.

Guess who it is...

My Re office.

My 'nurse' R who I loved is no longer working there. Not sure the back story, not my place to ask...but I am curious. new 'nurse' to my case is P.

I guess I was suppose to call on positive OPK results. because I was suppose to start Progesterone. Not told this by R. Waiting now for next cycle if I am not pregnant to do this step.

P is mailing me an order for blood work. for 11 days from now. If my period does what it usually does, I will or will not have my period by then. HPT will most likely work a few days earlier.

nipples still sore. Kept me up along with Bug last night.

He was up at two for the day. He had a snack, water, and a story. I went back to bed. then he called for me again. this time for chapstick. sent Hubby this time. half hour later Bug called a third time, wanted me to lay with him. so I did. I was so tired I was going to just sleep next to him for the night. But my nipples hurt so bad curled up on his small bed. So once he feel asleep I went back upstairs and fell into a dreamless stooper.

He slept late this morning, but has no fever or anything so off to preschool. Which he really wanted to go b/c they are having an easter party with an egg hunt.


  1. hmmm (to the nips..)

    grr about them not telling you to call! how frustrating *unless the hpt comes up +

    Glad to hear that bug is feeling better :)

  2. Fingers crossed about this cycle.

    I hate it when they "think" they've told you something and you don't get told. How frustrating about the confusion.

    Yeah that Bug is feeling better!