Monday, April 20, 2009

so exhausted...catchy title huh!

I started taking a sleep aid when my Mom was first dx with lung cancer over three years ago. A handful of months ago I switched from my 80mg. (yes 80mg, go ahead and gasp) of trazadone (sp?) to only 5mg of over the counter melatonin from the health food store.

I realized a few days ago that my OTC sleep aid says, "DO NOT take if you are pregnant." I was told at the store this was ok for pregnancy.

OH shit. Glad I checked.

I have been sleeping ok. Not great. But needing naps during the day. Not sure if this is due to pregnancy or what.

I had a long ass interview today. It was for one company interviewing for two positions. It lasted almost three hours. It was the most intensive interview I have ever been on. I will be so honored if I get it.

After interview off to get blood work done. I'll know my beta's tomorrow. stay tuned.

Early night. It's twenty of 6 and I am ready for bed. yikes.


  1. Hoping for great beta numbers and a call back on the job! Sorry you're not sleeping so well.

  2. Good luck on the beta numbers and job interview results!

    My sleep is messed up right now, too. (As you can tell by posting at 4 something AM.)

  3. From ICLW:
    I hope that the exhaustion has relented a little... eager to hear the Beta numbers... crossing fingers they're exactly where you want them to be!

  4. Good luck with your beta today and hope you get that job!


  5. Good luck with your beta and I hope the job works out.