Saturday, April 25, 2009

coffee I need coffee

Oh man. I am missing coffee like no tomorrow. My morning isn't complete.

I have tried decaf. Not cutting it. It gives me the runs and taste like ass.

Cofffffffeeeeeee. Come back...

I can't imagine a summer without ice coffee. fall/winter without a hot steaming travel mug to ride to work with me...



  1. Yeah, I so hear you on the caffeine. It sucks. but worth it if this cycle works, eh. I've joked about finishing up my c-sec and hubby standing there with a pot of my hazelnut coffee. mmmm. nice dreams.

    thanks for the comment on my last post. M was being very "my hero" but now I'm copping the flak. not cool. how far along will you be on 30/4? thats our 4th wedding anniversary so its gotta be lucky, right? I hope so.

    I have stomach pain after every meal, feels like I ate too much even if I haven't (its the high progesterone) and I do have lower back pain. I haven't felt much cramping because I've been on the valium and hoping that everything is going well in there.

    I know only too well going through copious rolls of TP when cycling.

    I hope both our scans are good. except mine is on the 5th of may, arrgh thats like 10 days away. or something.

    take care and look after yourself.

  2. Can't you have just a mug and fill most of it with milk? I have to have a cup a day or else I'd be backed up;-) Maybe once you're in the second trimester?

  3. I didn't drink Coffee during Bug's pregnancy. except once, I had a star bucks frappuccino. the night I went into pre-term labor with Bug. Hubby is die hard adamant that it's the caffeine that caused it...

    forget about the UU or MTHFR.

    I just don't drink caffeine. It's easier then fighting with Hubby.

    Cant put milk in it. I am lactose intolerant.

    OK Sox is on. We are with friends. talk to you guys later.

  4. Yea I love tea and I could not have it when prego. Boy I love tea :)

  5. Oh...that is so sad...coz there is no way of indulging into that! Congrats on your pregnancy....