Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi Girls..

OK. slightly better space tonight. Actually I got my butt showered and dressed and out the door to spend the afternoon with my MIL, SIL and nephew. MIL treated us to lunch and I bought an adorable Dino-rain jacket for Bug on sale. they didnt have his size in the store so I had it shipped to him so he is going to get mail. which he will love.

Picked Bug up slightly early from Pre-School and took him to the local elementary school and played on their playground. We came home and had dinner and played some Wii Mario Cart and Mario Party. (no not really a lot of time gaming, just one cup and one game).

Prior to Bug turning five on March 29th he refused to take a shower. We told him that when he turned five, during the week he had to take showers and on weekend he could have a bath. tonight it is just him and I as Daddy is at dodge ball. I gave him the choice. He chose Shower. Saying he was never taking a bath again.

THis is huge because his first shower I had to fight him to strip, get in the shower and he cried the entire time. wailed really. It was torture for all parties involved. So I was super proud of him when he said this. I dont dread bath time anymore.

OK. so still feeling pregnant. No tests have confirmed it, but today...yup. I felt pregnant. (remember I havent showered in days that means I have been in my PJ's that whole time. I did change pj's though. So days without wearing anything form fitting.) I went to put on my bra and was like. Shit. it's tight in the back. I looked in the mirror. My cups were over flowing. I put on a shirt and was like BAM! HI GIRLS! I almost poked myself in the eye they were so full and perky. Unless a miracle happened over the weekend...PREGNANT.

I know, I am getting really wrapped up in this...but seriously. I know I am. I have to be. pregnant.


  1. I so hope your intuition is right! :-)

  2. I sure hope so :) I am praying for you :)