Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bug sick update...and other stuff

He has slept the majority of the day. Look at his cheeks. He was roasting. I pulled his pant legs back and took the blanket off him.

When he finally woke up I took his temp. It's gone up. 102.2 now. But this is "normal" when kids sleep. Temp rises. I gave him some medicine and a cold cloth.

I've had him taking small sips of watered down ginger ale. He doesn't drink Soda, so I had to tell him it wasnt soda, but medicine. (moxie story to come later)

He is a little more animated now (it has taken me 45 minutes to write this much) and in that time he has come more alive. Watching Madagascar and finding the hidden pictures in his High Five Mag. that just came in the mail.

Guess what else came in the mail. A packet from his school to be. Kindergarten registration forms. My hands shook and I got all teary. I can't believe it's happening.

My right nipple is sore. It hurts to touch, hurts to hang, hurts to be in a bra. any ideas?

here comes TMI, but it's my blog, so here goes. My right nip is inverted. Always has been. Was a bitch to breast feed Bug. couldnt get that one to work, and he mutilated the other one. I ended up pumping, emptying the freezer so there was only breast milk. I had months worth of Breast milk.

but usually the inverted one stays inverted...always. Sometime when really cold...well, anyways. It's like half erected right now. (peek down my shirt) both are. random. but only the right hurts. *feel test* yup the left one is tender. but not painful like the right.

How early can you start to get signs of BFP. OPK states O on cd14. It is currently cd16. But this cycle has been different since MTHRF cocktails.

My cycle usually was I only have 21 to 23 days. had period for only three days with some spotting after. and O on cd8 to cd10. Period was Never heavy. This cycle was heavier and lasted about six days. very little to no spotting after flow stopped.

WHO the hell knows what is going on. But my tits hurt.

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